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                Branch Company

                Company News
                About Us

                   Huizhou Jiahe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Huizhou, a famous city of Guangdong Province, and was founded in March, 2004.

                   The Shareholders of Jiahe Industry started the research and sales of Chemical Fiber since 1997, and devoted on Recycli......[See all]

                Service Center

                Miss Gao:+86 13352659988
                Miss Jian:+86 13360897389
                Tel:+86 752 2624888-802
                jh2624888@hotmail.com chenchao@jiahe.com.hk

                Oversea Sales:
                Contact: Miss alish
                Mobile:+86 13302625008
                Tel:+86 752 2624 888ext810
                Skype: jh2624888xu
                Home About Products News Job Gbook Contact Us

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